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A few years ago we had an early snow in Oct. that did just that.

MB, I know some people in Buffalo that had seriously bad experiences, probably with that same storm you’re talking about. In one case I personally know about, power was out at least a week, the family was totally unprepared, the basement filled up with about a foot of water, and of course the sump pump couldn’t work. Bad, bad news! (A whole lot of stuff all over the floor of the large basement was ruined, including upholstered furniture, multiple sets of golf clubs, personal memories, etc. – all ruined. It didn’t do wonders for the washer and dryer motors either.)

That home now has one of those automatic generator units outside that will power the house – a nice “knee jerk” reaction after the fact. And they didn’t have much food to eat either, after what was in the freezer and refrigerator had warmed up within a day. Plus, they had no way to cook anything. Weather can be a harsh (and expensive) teacher! As one well-known YouTube “prepper” says in all his videos, “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”