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Brulen, I may have said it previously but a couple years ago my daughter (a 7th grade Language Arts teacher) had a 14 year old kid in her class that had just arrived from Mexico. He had never been to school in Mexico, was completely illiterate in Spanish, and spoke not a word of English. Even worse, he couldn’t even pick up the visual cues from the rest of the class to at least stay in his seat and be quiet. Total disruption of the class and there was nothing she could do for him due to her and the rest of the kids in the class not speaking Spanish. She prevailed upon the Principal to yank him from her class and send him someplace else for remedial services, which certainly came at a great cost to that school district. The illegal alien invasion is surely killing school budgets everywhere they go. Yet the do-gooders keep telling us that these folks enrich our communities. The cultural and practical transition from 3rd world to 1st world is not easy nor is it cheap.