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I say this with no intent to be funny: it’s all part of the plan. As soon as Obama announced the 10,000 figure only a week ago, I instantly knew that it was a trial balloon – let’s see how people react to “just” 10,000. We heard virtually nothing, because we’ve become used to millions, and 10,000 is a relative drop in the bucket. So he waited a week, then announced the 10-fold increase. And that is a fraction of what it will end up being – short of definitive executive action in January 2016 (which I firmly expect will not happen in any case). [see graphic]

Whoever brought up the Cloward and Piven strategy in another thread a few days ago (sorry I don’t recall who it was) was very much on track. But it’s not just economic destruction that’s planned, it goes all the way back 167 years to what Marx and Engels called for on that last page of their work (that final, 3/4 page chapter), where they twice called for the destruction of the social and political order by any means necessary (almost an exact quote). I don’t generally refer to the title of that book anymore, because that “C” word has become so ridiculed that it’s a conversation-stopper the moment it’s uttered and then laughed at by those using the very philosophy (perfectly in line with the tactics detailed in Alinsky’s “Rules”). I’ve said it before, I”ll say it again: when one begins to truly understand the philosophy behind what came out of the Manifesto, coupled with the 1966 article by Cloward and Piven, and the tactics taught by Alinsky, THEN what is happening today begins to become very, very clear.

Mr. Obama learned well from his childhood mentor, and those that mentor subsequently taught in Chicago, resulting in the David Axelrods, Valerie Jarretts, and many others in the close White House circle. Unlike many, I do not see Obama as stupid, unaware, incompetent, etc. On the contrary, I see him carrying out “the plan” with exceptional success. Little did I know that what I was studying in my senior year of college those many years ago, where the main semester text was “The Essential Works of Marxism,” would turn out to be so valuable in understanding what would ultimately befall our very nation. It’s far more detailed and complex than that, but at the core are those three fundamentals: the philosophy of the Manifesto, the Cloward and Piven article of 1966, and the brilliance of Saul Alinsky. And almost no one sees it.