Maybe you are just a cynic of Mary and Her words. She has already spoken of this position:
Acceptance is fail safe.
“Thousands will read today’s locution. After the event, millions will read them, so great will be the graces that I pour out.

Much more important will be the favors coming from these words. Today, walls surround so many hearts. I shout. I cry out. I whisper. I use every possible means to penetrate their souls, but all my methods are useless. Too many walls. Too much security. No felt need for God’s help.

After the events, the walls will collapse and my tiniest whisper will be like a booming voice. My slightest word will be received with the greatest thankfulness. After the events, there will be no walls to keep out my favors. The great blessings can begin.”

see locutions.org 09/10/2015