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LOL! And the politicians have no understanding of why we hold them in derision….

It’s only not “considered a cutting weapon WHILE actually being used in the active exercise of that trade, profession or calling.”

So let me see if I’ve got this straight. A rabbi goes to a home and performs a covenant circumcision as part of his calling. No problem – he’s not using a “cutting weapon.” But the moment he cleans up that instrument, places it back in its case, and walks out the door to return to his office or home where he normally stores it, he’s guilty of a serious crime and worthy of jail for at least ¼ of a year and a fine of at least $300, while not earning any income or serving his congregation. Where’s the ADL when we need them?!? I don’t stand a chance in Philly with my little 3-blade Case knife that is always in my left front pocket!

A bit more seriously, anybody can be arrested any time “they” want to arrest us, because there’s always something on the books somewhere that we’ve “violated.” And as absurd as that previous sentence might seem, that’s exactly what happens in SHTF situations. When “they” want an excuse to round people up, they can always find one. Might one logically conclude that “we the people” have either elected morons or devious psychopaths – or more likely, a dangerous combination of the two? ‘Nuf sed. I need to go fan myself before I pass out from the absurdity. Over and out.