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Whirlibird, perhaps it might be helpful for you to go back and look at the thread’s context here, along with what was NOT in your response following my last post. Immediately preceding your post, I agreed with Tolik who’d posted just before me, that there are problems with the US that go way back. Then your post showed up with no indication whatsoever that you were suddenly going outside this Forum discussion to bring in a bunch of “entertainment” industry slimeballs for your blast. It was a logical and reasonable assumption that you were blasting the individuals who’d typed the two posts immediately preceding yours. If you really were referencing Bieber, West, and Baldwin, who’d never come up for discussion here, and with no such indication in your post, it shouldn’t be surprising that both Tolik and I took your post personally. I came very close to a response myself, but decided not to feed what appeared to be personal hostility here. To be honest, had I responded in the way I felt at the time I read your post (before ever seeing Tolik’s), the tone of my response would probably not have been terribly different from his final paragraph – based on what appeared to be have just been directed my way (and his).