Islam is the enemy of all people on earth , its the crisis of this millennium , a very serious threat , we need to include all nations in a serous plan to combat it , they are willing , are we ? Ukraine and all the other BS is really not our concern . When we have Muslims in our military , killing their own comrades in arms , etc . The priority should be clear to what is the real threat . Putin is getting old , he will go away soon enough , Islam will not if we dont get them involved in operations to get those people under control . Geographically speaking , they could be a big help . The joint space station was a huge success , no reason why joint strikes against the enemy of our time could not be beneficial . Back to Rep woman , its campaign season , they all are going to talk a bunch of smack , and peter out if they get in . No offense to anybody , but I dont want a woman as president , I dont want another ethnic either , its special interest group looking for the highest office to set up shop to me . All the candidates need to be careful about saber rattling , the American people are sick of war . With Islam its going to be unavoidable , but we cant do it alone , and the Europeans have not pulled their weight , the Russians on the other hand , have the strength and ability to pull up the slack . Sending troops to Ukraine , etc . is quite frankly , a waste of money , energy , and lives . Concentrate on the big picture , dont keep handing out speeding tickets while letting the serial killer go free .
Freedom , another question that should be looked at is how is ISIS being so well funded ? Follow the money . Something tells me that our good friends the Saudi’s are somehow involved .
As to what interest they have in Syria ? one is that they need a port in that part of the world . Can Putin be trusted ? No ………can we really be trusted ? No ………….so there you have it . In WW2 we didnt like or trust each other either , but we put that aside to get the job done , it would not have been possible without that . Islam is an even bigger threat , the US cant continue to be the sole provider of world military assistance , we are not going to win over Islam that way , we need to pull in nations that are capable of actually shouldering a large part of the burden . The Europeans so far have not done so .
Another thing to consider , one of the goals of radical Islam being successful may vey well depend on the powers being in conflict with each other . Upon hearing the news of two of the most powerful nations on earth joining up against them , may be a game changer . Few thing could be more frightening a prospect to the ragheads than that .
On the subject of whining and bellyaching : Its called the 1st amendment , you dont like people exercising it , YOU LEAVE ! , go live in North Korea where different views are not allowed . Fact is , the American People and the US Government are NOT the same thing , it needs to be said . Nobody said you have to agree with it .