GeorgiaSaint ,
I think Fiorina and too many other people in this country and government are Russophobs , they cant get past decades of cold war propaganda . Putin is not Stalin , and it just shows our arrogance making statements like ” cant tolerate him being commander in chief ” ( of his own nation ) , who do we think we are telling anybody how to act ? Fact is , the US has been an aggressor nation sense the fall of the Soviet Union ( for everybody’s betterment of course ) . Now is the time to actually END the cold war , and make friends with the Russians , they are a capitalist nation , not all that different from our western allies , and fact is , just like in WW2 , we need their help and cooperation , because we have an even bigger enemy in modern times ……..much bigger threat than Hitler and Japan . The combined efforts against Islam are what is needed . Just like in the past , put politics aside to defeat a common enemy . In WW2 , Churchill and Roosevelt respected their interests , even though Stalin was a psycho and they were Communist , why cant we respect their interests now , when they are Capitalist ? Seems that there are problems being created , where there needs not be a problem . Islam is a much bigger and much more real problem than cold war ghosts that dont exist . I think that our government fears any serious joint efforts against a common enemy , might destroy all the effort it has put into propaganda and manipulation of the population . It might make our population look at the Russians more as people , and less like animals , and question things more at home . One thing the government must have to manipulate the people is to create a Bogie man , without that , they are in the spotlight . They dont like that . Unfortunately , Islam is a very real , insidious threat to every people on earth . That is real and current , it is indeed a common enemy .

” The King of the West , and the King of the East shall shake hands , and the King of the Orient will tremble “