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Freedom, don’t you worry about any difficulty expressing yourself here. I think this group – despite not always sharing identical positions on a few issues – is decent enough that you’re not going to be criticized for that. Opinions and thought processes matter a whole lot more than perfection in written expression. This is not the crowd that goes around commenting on news stories by attacking people for misspellings, grammar usage, etc., or using profanity to substitute for decent thought. Here we have honest discussion and don’t worry about lack of perfection in expression. You’re among good people with decent values despite occasional disagreements. (As someone once said, “If we both agreed on everything, one of us would be unnecessary.”)

Tolik, while I’d rather have Trump at the table against Putin than almost any of the other people currently available, I particularly loved Fiorina’s position on Putin the other night. Though I’ve got reservations about trying to play policeman worldwide, I also feel strongly that Putin has been emboldened by our current excuse of a Commander in Chief, far beyond what we can safely tolerate any longer. When my wife and I saw Fiorina’s position on Putin, we almost cheered out loud. You can watch it here (just under 1½ minutes long).

We turned off the so-called “debate” shortly after that, however, recognizing it as mostly a waste of our time and an insult to our intelligence, particularly calling it a “debate.” If anyone didn’t see it but saw the Fox “debate” and thought that one was terrible, be thrilled that you didn’t waste your time with what CNN did the other night. CNN outdid Fox by a wide margin in making it a disgusting warp of what should be a decent political process – and I thought Fox had already done a pretty poor job of it.