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I have a question for GeorgiaSaint and benjammin, which GOP do you think can get elected? Which one can win Hillary or Biden? You know we need to win now right. The country can’t have another Socialist in power because it will end this country.


First, we aren’t even at the primaries yet – months away from even the first ones. The news media will determine who’s “electable” and how isn’t by swaying public opinion, refusing to give candidates adequate time and opportunity to get their messages out, etc. Only after they’ve forced a few more candidates out of the race (I suspect Rick Perry will not be the first even before the primaries), will it be time to even intelligently begin to guess (and it would be just that – a guess) who is electable and who isn’t. And by then we might have a better idea of where many of them really stand on some issues.

Second, I’m not even convinced Hillary or Smilin’ Joe will be the Democrat nominee. I will not be at all surprised to see a mess develop (planned), and suddenly have Elizabeth Warren swoop in to “save” the day for the Democrats. That would be even worse, in many respects, than either Hillary or Biden.

Finally, it’s a slam dunk that we can’t afford another socialist in power – but we cannot avoid it. You could bring back Barry Goldwater and put him in the White House, but Congress would neutralize him in a heartbeat. As the saying goes, the woods are full of them (socialists, that is). And make no mistake about it – IF we ended up with Elizabeth Warren, we might WISH we “only” had a socialist.

Personally, barring a true miracle in who’s available to vote for, I will only vote for the lesser of two or more evils, so to speak. That only delays the inevitable, as I now see it. Three years ago, just days before the 2012 election, I listened to an interview of Dr. Thomas Sowell – a very wise, and clear thinking individual in my opinion. I was stunned at the answer he gave to the question, “Do you believe this nation can survive as a constitutional republic if Obama is able to win a 2nd term?” He paused a moment or two, and then said, categorically, “No.” Sowell was, in his early adulthood, a Marxist by his own account. He’s seen both sides (or all sides, as the case may be). And for him to make such a monumental prediction caused me to really ponder what he had to say, with considerable worry. I believe he’s turned out to be correct. We only have a shell (like a Hollywood set) of what was once a constitutional republic. And putting it back together now, given decades of public “education” of multiple generations, along with the U.S. versions of Izvestia and Pravda shaping what we see and believe (and withholding what they don’t want us to see), I truly believe we’re too far gone as a nation to recover. At very best, I think it would require a complete re-start if it could happen, and the death and destruction between now and that kind of event would be catastrophic. I’m convinced that we can’t just do a U-turn and get back on track anymore. We already ran off he end of the track, and few have any clue.

So, I’m just not getting too wrapped around the axle about the current crop of candidates. I could say things about almost every one of them that I personally believe disqualifies them from the presidency on moral, ethical, or position grounds. But I also think it’s a pointless current argument, for the most part. (By the way – the Huckster is a lying deceiver. Think wolves and sheep’s clothing.)