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Tolik on your comment (Freedom , I understand what you are saying , but we need to hear these things , not just about him , but all of them . The difference is , he is openly saying it , and I do have to applaud him for that .)

My friend the rest will never say it like it is or tell us who they really are. Did all of you see with your own eyes when Bush asked Trump to apologize for what Trump said about his wife. PLEASE what a joke, after that Jeb Bush said his secret word for the secret service will be energizer and Trump turned his face and put his hand out and Bush gave Trump a high five like he liked Trump for letting him have a high five, what a JOKE! If someone says something about my wife well I would not even look at that persons face.

The same think happen with Ben Carson when he agreed with Trump on the Iraq war, Trump turned and gave Ben a high five. Did everyone here see this little details? Trump is telling the truth about buying all of them. So this makes them just as GS said about Trump.

GS, Trump maybe all that you said but the rest are just as dangerous since Trump did point out that he has purchased all of them and none had anything to say about that. This makes the politicians even MORE dangerous since every single one didn’t say anything.

But on the other side we have even more dangerous left wing politicians.

GS I do not see a good man that will be electable and I to feel your pain.