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Tolik, I agree with almost all that all of you are saying. What I see is the good ones are not electable, have very low poll numbers so we need to see who is electable and that will get the job done. I also think he is a man that is not ethical, who is ethical that will poll well? That is the big question. Dr Ben Carson, I am not sure since he was with Trump in the debate. I see Dr. Ben Carson as a problem for some since he is low key type of person.

I just think that Trump is going to get into every ones face and make the deals that maybe needed.

I personally will not vote for Jeb Bush, I live in Florida and he was a governor, a good governor but very low energy type of guy. We have way to much problems (National Debt). We need someone that will kick some a____ with the senate and house.

Tolik do you think Putin is ethical, NO Trump can deal with Putin. Why well the two know the game. It is a dirty game.