Its human nature to hear only what you want to hear , and ignore the rest . Thats true when dealing with your spouse , coworkers , anybody . Here is the thing , and its open for all to see , Trump has said this MANY MANY times in interviews , but we hear only what we want to hear , even though he himself has openly said it .
That is this :
He has bribed politicians to get his way .
He has supported the agendas of those in power , even though he did not believe in that agenda .
He is very willing to put personal ethics , morals , and values aside to get what he wants .
This is very important folks ! He himself has admitted that , and acts like compromising your values is not any big deal . Its even more important when you understand that as a private citizen , and businessman , you have 100% control over your actions and ethics . Now if you are so willing to compromise your personal values and beliefs as a private citizen , when the choice is 100% yours , what is he going to do as a leader of a nation ?
We choose not to hear any of those things , again , human nature .
Freedom , I understand what you are saying , but we need to hear these things , not just about him , but all of them . The difference is , he is openly saying it , and I do have to applaud him for that .