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GS, The problem is the rest of the Republicans are not going to get the votes from the independent voter. Was McCain not more left wing, was Romney not from a Democratic state and had a ObamaCare system in his state.
McCain and Romney were to fare to the left and lost. The right wing like Ted Cruz would not make the cut in a national election, the independent vote would not vote for him.

I too would like a a more conservative but DO NOT WANT ANYMORE POLITICIAN. They have lied to us just as much as you say Trump is. Which house or senate rep has kept there word? I know of only one Ted Cruz but even tho he is one of the smartest man there the public polls do not like him more then 6%.

Marco Rubio is good but I find him to be to young and also polls at 6%. Ben Carson very smart man but in a debate against a Hillary or Biden, Ben Carson may get eaten alive. Jeb Bush is out for me. Love Rick Santorum but his poll numbers are so low. Also love Mike Huckabee but has the same problems as Rick Santorum and the two are right wing which I am too but I know for a fact that the independent vote would not vote for them.

Now when it comes to the $18 Trillion National Dept I personally can’t see anyone except Trump to fix it and even Trump may not be able to fix it because O has done so much damage.

What I like is that Trump has put this info online for all to see and use to keep him at his word.
Also GS 100 time more dangerous is Biden or Hillary so we the Republicans better have the right person to take most of the independent vote. With out the independent vote we lose again.

I have a question for GeorgiaSaint and benjammin, which GOP do you think can get elected? Which one can win Hillary or Biden? You know we need to win now right. The country can’t have another Socialist in power because it will end this country.

Remember I am not against you but with you. I want this country to go back to the country I love and the U. S.Constitution, all the freedoms and liberties we all love.