Putin 2016 . At least you know what your getting up front , with no BS .

Seriously though , I like a lot of what Trump is saying , but as many have pointed out , he talks a good game . I must agree with GeorgiaSaint , Congress and Senate have proven they will not do their job as a check and balance , or O would not have gotten as far as he has , I dont see that changing short of at gunpoint . I wonder what his REAL agenda is . The fact is , more often than not , is if a man is unethical in business , he is unethical at home as well . I like what he is saying on many issues , but again he is playing the game , I dont trust that he will abide by any promises made if ” selected ” ………………..I didnt say elected . I remind everyone the we dont really elect our president . Here is the deal also , we need to concentrate on the character and voting record of the people we send up to counter whoever gets in . Those people can be swapped out every two years until you get one that will do their job . If we had been doing that , we wouldnt be in nearly as bad a shape as we are in now .