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74, the situation is more stark than your map indicates. I’m guessing that it represents election results from the 2012 election. It includes many rural low population counties that don’t matter a whole lot in the final tally. Northern New England for example. With 80% of the population living in urban zones,the cities control the elections, usually going with Democrats due to the combination of concentrations of liberals and blacks in urban areas. The rest of us only matter in the handful of battleground States.

GS, you more eloquently made my point that the low population States need the Electoral College (and the 2 Senators per State mandate) to maintain some relevance. Wyoming, the least populated State, has mining (including oil/gas/coal) that give it a degree of relevance to the rest of the country beyond its small numbers. Vermont, the 2nd least populated State, doesn’t have anything the country particularly needs, but along with NH & Maine we are an island of cultural sanity worth preserving.