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74, I know that the Feds have been neutering States into a one size fits all, but I don’t want to admit defeat and let go of this Constitutional vestige of States as sovereign entities. I would not be surprised to see the President try to do away with the Electoral College before he leaves office. I read somewhere that some of the liberals would like to do away with each state having two Senators given it is not representative of the population. They don’t like there being some low population conservative States that have 2 Senators same as California and New York do.

My selfish fear is my State, Vermont, would suffer mightily under majority rule if we weren’t a sovereign State. Our small population and economy yield us no clout whatsoever on the national stage but we’ve got our guaranteed 2 Senators and 1 Congressman and some degree of self governance as a sovereign State. As it is our population behemoth neighbors NY to the West and MA to the South do not like our gun laws being the polar opposite of theirs, and no doubt they’d put a quick end to our comparatively minimal government if they could.