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… as many are assimilated …

I don’t believe they want to be assimilated, for the most part. The evidence seems clear – they band together, fight the system, and organize to gain power, especially as White America dwindles to a minority. Assimilation used to work relatively well 50+ years ago, and was relatively widespread among immigrants – the legal variety. But the new versions in the form of illegal invaders are not interested in what they can give to their new society, but how much they can extract from it while taking it over. I don’t see this ending well.

I listened to Dr. Thomas Sowell being interviewed just days prior to the 2012 election. He was asked if he believed that the United States could survive as a constitutional republic if Obama got a 2nd term. He waited a moment before answering, and then answered with a simple, “No.” He did go on to explain his reasoning a bit as I recall, but didn’t even begin to walk back that initial response. Welcome to fundamental transformation.