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The Constitution of the United States, as (presumably) everyone here knows, originally set the selection process for U.S. senators as a function of individual state legislatures. It was all part of the brilliance of separation of powers, in order to avoid exactly what Malgus mentioned – mob rule. The House was appropriately supposed to be a very localized selection by groups of citizens within states. Fine. But the Senate’s job was to represent states’ individual interests, NOT the interests of the mob. Almost no one knows that senators weren’t “always” elected by the people.

The Electoral College was an additional layer of security against mob rule. “We” (the general population, which doesn’t seem to be well represented here, thankfully) have bought into the poorly presented, knee-jerk, emotion-based, limited logic arguments for doing away with the Electoral College.

And top top it all off (not even mentioning the imperial President and legislative Supreme Court), the news media is skillfully shaping “our” attitudes about who’s qualified, not qualified, absurd, a joke, frightening, picked on unfairly, etc, in the presidential race. They’re weeding out the field until they finally get the chosen candidates that WE get to “vote” for. Smoke, wires and mirrors…. And the brilliant combination of Marx’ and Engels’ final chapter, Cloward & Piven’s 1966 strategy, and Uncle Saul’s “Rules,” have been so thoroughly integrated and perfected that overthrowing the system is pretty much a pipe dream. It will have to implode if there is even a chance of eventually making things “right” again (whatever that means).

Only the few that had “ears to hear” understood Obama’s fundamental transformation objective – because they knew not only who Marx and Engels were, but also what their philosophy was (particularly as summarized in their 3/4 page final chapter), along with Cloward and Piven, and Uncle Saul (Hillary’s old friend from her college days). Want to go back and relive those fateful days of yesteryear? You can re-watch and listen to Obama as he emphatically stated, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” It sent shivers up my spine then, it sickens me now, having watched it happen.

Meanwhile, my prayers are with Greece this weekend, while knowing that in reality they’ve got no more chance at a good outcome than we do in the US – probably even worse.