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Hi Tweva,

You had quite some SHTF there!
Strangest thing is that most people are mad at the powercompany when this happens :-)

This is exactly an example were the excersise in “what if” comes handy.
An electric chainsaw is handier than a gas driven, but with no electricity, they’re useless.
I have an electric one for the cutting chores at home, but I also have a small and big Stihl and some Aspen in storage.
But somewhere in time even the Aspen will run out in a shtf.
So I stocked spare blades for a manualy hacksaw, also good for trading and they’re not that expensive.

I have my own waterwell on the property, now runs on electricity, but easily transformed to manually, even the spare parts for the manually pump are in storage.
Same with the graingrinder, sources for light, cooking, transportation,making fire, shaving, waterfiltration ect.
I’m happier when I can cook in a Dutch oven, or over an open fire than using the kitchenrange, or shaving with a straight razor, so I’m feeling more in my element doing things the old way also.

You are very lucky with the close community and the will to help each other.