My last PD job was in a town of 2000.
As an example, we had a stolen pickup, keys left in the ignition. It was abandoned 120 miles away, the insurance didn’t pay the damages because the keys were left in it.

Garages left open day and night. Items being stolen constantly. One gent had a rifle stolen that way, didn’t know the serial number, couldn’t remember when he had last seen it, etc.

And that’s the great majority these days.

I am afraid that stupidity and apathy have replaced any other hazards to most.

My father in law, living in that same town, still doesn’t lock his doors unless he leaves town. He’s 75 and not likely to change though despite having his house burgled and guns and other items taken just a few years ago.
Not a stupid man, just stuck in the early 60s.

Some may wise up, but for many or kost, it may already be too late.