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I think we all realize that it’s not about where you live, but how vigilant and ready you are to handle bad people.

True but too many put too much faith on where they are and live in condition white.
The days of not locking the doors and leaving the keys in the car are long over.

True, but for most it will take crime hitting close to home to change old habits. For some that will be too little too late. That said I have certainly been guilty of being in “code white” myself but I am trying to be more vigilant in my everyday life. Having spent most of my adult life in a town of 5,000 and now living in a town considerably smaller, I have never known anyone who had their home broken into, their car stolen, or who had been mugged. I do know a couple people whose cars were broken into but that was when they were in cities. It is understandable that many view crime as something that only happens someplace else. Come SHTF, small town and rural folk will wise up quickly, and most of them do have guns even if they don’t routinely carry now.