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I’m finally getting a bit of time to poke around further here, and also further back in time. One item above that I’d like to suggest an alternative for is WD-40. Find an Amsoil dealer and get MP (Metal Protector is the full name, but “MP” is what it’s known by). There is NO left over residue build up, and it protects far better than WD-40. Years ago (30+) shortly after I’d first been introduced to Amsoil, I decided to test out the MP product. I found an old wrench laying in the street, cleaned off all the rust, made a canning jar full of the most concentrated salt water solution I could make (until it wouldn’t dissolve any more), sprayed one end of the wrench with WD-40 and the other with MP, and dropped the wrench into the jar. A couple of weeks or so later I went back to check on it. The MP end had absolutely no rust on it. The WD-40 end had relatively small but visible rust spots starting to appear.

On top of that, my father-in-law was absolutely fanatical about how he took care of his guns. He had products he’d always used, and initially would not even consider trying MP on his guns. He eventually tried it on key locks (GREAT), garden tools, and a few other things, and for some reason I no longer remember, tried using it on one of his less expensive guns. By the end of his life, that was the only product he would use on his guns – both for final exterior protection, as well as for lube and even partially for cleaning. He loved the fact that once it dries, there’s absolutely no residue (not that he would use WD-40 on his guns anyway, though).

Finally, it will help break loose rusted nuts and bolts, etc., better than almost anything I’ve ever tried, and far better (and faster) than WD-40. I have not had a can of WD-40 in my home since first using MP.

After a few years, I dabbled with an Amsoil dealership because I was so impressed, but long ago stopped any selling, so I have no interest in the product other than personal use. Still, in our home/vehicles/equipment, if it can be lubed, it almost always has some product made from that company. But for this discussion, I’m focusing on an outstanding alternative to WD-40. MP is simply superior in every respect. It’s the best spray lube I’ve ever found. (Their 100:1 2-cycle oil is also outstanding. It doesn’t matter what your mix ratio is supposed to be – I’ve always used it, with full warranty protection by Amsoil, on an old chain saw that “required” a 16:1 mix. It’s protected my chain saws over the years without fail, and there’s almost no smoke. But that’s not the point of this post.)