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No argument from me. You’re causing me to sit here and sin – I’m coveting my neighbor’s garden tractor and disc. <g> Seriously though, I’m stuck with a lot of huge trees (mostly pine, a massive oak, and a couple of others), which presents benefits as well as having completely wiped out an area of our property over the years that used to be a great garden for the previous owners. Sun doesn’t go there any more. And they’re beyond my ability to take down myself. Wanting someone with liability insurance and a proven track record is out of our reach financially. But if I had my “druthers,” I think most of the trees would be gone. Then I’d LOVE to have that tractor and I’d surely need the disc and more to clear out the pine root systems that have completely destroyed what was once a great garden when the trees were much thinner and smaller (one of the hazards of living in the South – old pine tree root systems). We were only able to use that area back there for the first few years. Now we do with what we’ve reasonably got. No criticism from my end whatsoever (just covetousness – hah hah). And yes, with the gardens closer to the house, and not up too far, and too far back, I suspect I’ve got it much easier than what it sounds like you’ve got, and my labor intensity is much shorter lived (and distanced) than yours would be. At my age, I’m thankful for that, too. Good for you for doing what so many aren’t willing to do!

I mostly hoped that perhaps the potato stacking might be a viable option, not knowing what you’ve really got to work with, and work against. But then if you’ve got the area, why not put ‘em in rows? I don’t anymore.