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I noted on the evening “news” tonight that violence has broken out with the “refugees” being blocked at the Hungarian border. I think we’re supposed to be feeling great horror that poor, innocent refugees are being “attacked” by riot police (when they riot), while we just forget about the fact that they weren’t invited in the first place (at least until Merkel did so). They’re overwhelming borders and essentially taking over countries without regard to nations’ needs to control population numbers, types of skills (or lack thereof) coming into their countries, etc., not to mention the basic issue of knowing who and how many are being added, and being able to plan for them since they generally have no prearranged lodging or jobs awaiting them once they get wherever they choose to go. We shoot people coming in our windows at night, but we’re supposed to welcome invaders that demand our food, education, land, jobs, etc. All of my family were (legal) immigrants to the U.S. in the 1800s, and became highly productive, integrated members of the nation they entered, after applying to come from their four nations of origin. I can’t possibly object to legal immigrants. It’s the invaders I have serious issues with.

I also note that there is a sudden increase of Cuban “refugees” coming into south Florida now that diplomatic relations are in full swing, fearing that the “wet foot/dry foot” policy that allows special status for Cubans will likely soon be eliminated. It’s interesting, too, that suddenly our US news media is not talking much about our own waves of illegal immigrants coming in, while the focus is now on Europe and the “small” (10,000) number Obama promised to take in over the next year. Why do I get the feeling that there might, just might, be some orchestration to all of this?

What else should we have expected as we moved from strong borders throughout the world for the most part, to a one-world “united nations” (lower case) concept. That sounds good to freshman philosophy students with no real-world independent living experience. But it doesn’t quite work in the real world, for some odd reason…. [SARC/off]