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I thought I would transfer the garden discussion over to this thread instead of high jacking Visions and Revelations

Good move. Thanks.

Just on the off chance that you haven’t seen this one, there’s a method for growing potatoes vertically that claims up to 100# in just four square feet. We’ve tried it (see attached photo), but unfortunately we’ve never been able to have good luck with baking potatoes down here – just VERY good luck with sweet potatoes. There’s a web page that describes this in detail. Since we use grow boxes, we just used the first 10″ of soil as layer #1, and then added 5″ cedar fencing boards for each subsequent layer. The cedar is lasting very well, of course, year after year – and the rough-cut fencing boards are rather inexpensive. The so-called 6″ boards (just barely over 5″) actually work quite nicely (double stacked for the garden bed underneath).

The photo below was taken as I was building it early last year. I used long bolts through the vertical supports and the boards, marked them with N/S/E/W and the layer number (thus the E1 and E2 in the photo below – they faced east) so I could easily take it all down and then rebuild it the following season. That was very helpful this year – everything lined up very nicely, no nailing, no hassle. Hopefully even if you’ve seen this, it might be helpful to someone else with limited space, or wanting to use other space for additional crops.

By the way – I can relate to hill climbing with seemingly endless wheelbarrows full of dirt from where it was dumped in my driveway, and then taken up a small hill to the upper garden area. I was a few years younger when I first constructed that one. The newer ones are on the same level as the driveway now. <g> We have not continued to “build” our soil as outlined in the Square Foot Gardening method, but opted for a special mixture available from a local business (reportedly suitable for organic gardening).

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