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Brulen, MountainBiker and Toby, that’s absolutely right and it is worrying to see how inadequate are all the measures put in place to deal with the issue. One thing becomes rather clear to a lot of people, either they grossly underestimated the problem and now they are trying to find loopholes to refuse more refugees, OR it was part of a plan to use trojan horse tactics and infiltrate Europe (and possibly US) with extremist elements. I believe there’s a significant threat to national security of all the countries involved, and I’m sure the entire issue is a logistical nightmare to manage on behalf of the anti-terrorist organisations. Imagine not having a legal framework to refuse the refugees, and then imagine having to screen them for extremist beliefs (ie blow people up -infidels- so as to go to heaven) – how can they do that without being called racist on the grounds of religious discrimination? It’s a mess, and not just due to the fanatics that undoubtedly use the pretext to enter unseen; it’s possible that terrorist cells are routinely using the refugee routes to move back and forth from Europe to Syria, Libya and other places receiving training or orders of what to blow next. Regional police, border patrol or coastguard in Greece are doing all that they can, but they are flooded by the sheer number of incoming people. Europe committed 4 warships to assist efforts in the Mediterranean against the traffickers… 4 ships…are we serious? Are these forces sufficient enough to cover the entire Eastern Mediterranean?…obviously they would be working in sync with other forces in the area, but in terms of immediate response, I wouldn’t expect much to be honest (unless the ships are loaded with navy seals, other special forces people and electronics that rival those of an air-carrier). Does anyone remember what happened last year, with ISIS stealing an Egyptian frigate (!) and Egypt asking Israel for assistance in recapturing it? Thankfully it all ended well after the Israeli intervention, and the frigate was returned to Egypt, however I hope this kind of thing is not repeated with these European ships – hopefully they are better prepared. Many people commonly underestimate these extremists as backward fanatics; maybe they are these things, but a lot of them have been trained and armed by the West. I can imagine the level of chaos they could cause if the EC countries are not truly prepared for them.