4. A Flood – But Not Noah’s 09/04/2015

A change will come over the whole world. Many will be confused. World leaders will not know what to do. The full extent of the collapse will not be realized at first. Like a flood that claims more and more of the dry ground, people will think that they are safe from its effects. Then, they realize that the flood claims them and their homes.

I hate to speak of this. Yet, it is important for my words to go forth. So much of human life will be touched by these waters of debt. Even so, some areas of the economy will continue, even though it is serious. This collapse is not like the floods of Noah that covered the whole earth.

Most important, how will mankind respond? Will the bankers again tinker with the books? A change here, a change there and all will be as it used to be. Such will be their wisdom but my words go much deeper.

This collapse will offer to the world a great invitation, while there is still time. A new reality will set in. Mankind will have a new perspective. Many, many will just continue as before, cursing what has happened and intent on restoring the previous order. Others will be more perceptive, especially as they listen to my words.

“This is not the time to rebuild but to repent. It is not the time to build new economic skyscrapers but to lay a new foundation of faith deep within. It is time to restore the structures of faith. This collapse will not be the end but it will be a final warning. Other warnings have not been heeded. This warning, you must listen to.”

I have so much to teach. I do not expect you to understand on your own! I do expect you to act according to the words I give you.