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I thought I would transfer the garden discussion over to this thread instead of high jacking Visions and Revelations I don’t think there are to many gardening techniques that I haven’t read about, seen or tried. Even if I use every inch for plants I still want more tilled ground just in case. Plus I don’t want to turn dirt over by hand if I can help it. My soil is a heavy clay with rocks, not to fun to dig in. I might buy a truck load of mushroom soil to spread on the garden and that will be a hand operation loading it in a cart and hauling it up the hill anyway.

I want to grow a few hundred more pounds of potatoes and need 2 or 3 more rows. I think I grew about 2 hundred lbs this year in 2 rows. I’d like 4 rows of sweet corn up from 1 row and the same with green beans.
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