3. A Voice Going Forth to All the World


I will not allow the victory gained at the cross to be taken from my hands. Nor will I allow creation which came from the Father’s hands to be seized by another. This is the battle now being waged.

Whose voice will be heard? What path will frail and fragile mankind take? Will the voice of death or the voice of life shape human history? These are vast questions which are being answered every day. Choices are made. Steps are taken. A path is walked. All is determined by the voice that mankind listens to.

How shrill and oh-so-powerful is the voice of darkness. This voice of darkness speaks everywhere, in every aspect of human life, education, morals, politics, economies, wars, weapons, family life. This voice speaks in the quiet of the human heart and in the loudspeakers of mass communication. Can no one silence this voice? It would be easier to count the grains of sand and to know the number of the stars. Such is the helplessness of mankind at this moment.

How pitiful are his efforts! A little light here a small victory there. However, when the voice of darkness is everywhere, do you not perceive? Do you not hear the voice?

The Psalm says, “Their voice goes out to all the earth”. This is God’s promise and I have come to fulfill His words. What is the solution to this world-wide, powerful Satanic voice that constantly claims more victories? Only God’s voice that goes out to all the earth. I am that voice. Clothed with the sun I went forth at Fatima.
I was meant, like the sun, to go from one end of the earth to the other, but this never took place. The promise still remains. My voice will go forth. These locutions are preparing the way.