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… the results will likely create a Cloward–Piven style collapse of European welfare if it continues.

It’s good to see others that even know what the Cloward-Piven strategy is, let alone understand it. Wonderful observation! When combined with the last chapter of Marx’ and Engels’ “masterpiece,” which is oddly a mere 3/4 of one page long, one can get a much better understanding of what’s going on all over the world. In that last chapter, they call for the destruction of the social and political order, by whatever means necessary, and in a mere 3/4 of one page repeat that goal a 2nd time. Cloward and Piven brought that up to date by about 100 years with a modern means of achieving that breakdown, and both they and Marx/Engels added the same follow on result, essentially. Add the brilliance of Alinsky’s “Rules,” and it’s almost pointless to argue logically against any of those proponents. Sadly, most of society is buying into the plan, thanks to the also brilliant shaping of attitudes, thought processes, etc., by the “news” media and public education systems. Critical thinking, thinking out of the box, etc., are simply not taught, nor are they encouraged – just the opposite, thanks to the political correctness movement.

Your response illustrates a significant reason I’ve appreciated finding this group. I don’t feel so isolated. Thanks.