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Prophecy or not, could it happen? That’s not even an appropriate question for me. It’s, “WHEN will it happen?” from my perspective. And I don’t think this month is too soon. Heck – there are even “prophecies” related to Jewish teachings from the Old Testament that some are calculating into this month. I don’t think one has to be Roman Catholic to see the possibilities – it just requires one to open his or her eyes, read well beyond the nightly news, and get “the rest of the story,” not just what the media feeds us. Having some perspectives from multiple nations here is an excellent way of getting a better understanding of the “big picture” looks like.

Us? We’re staying close to home, more and more. Whether we get through this month or not makes no difference. Details of our preparation remain private, but there’s little said here in this Forum that looks outlandish to us (understatement!).