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I’m not an adherent of this form of “prophecy” but ignoring that for the moment it is an excellent question. I’m just back from a trip down to Massachusetts today and as I usually do I stopped at BJ’s to do a little shopping. For those not familiar, BJ’s is essentially the same as Costco. Interestingly, while in the store and then on my ride home I was pondering the very question you posed and was even thinking of starting a thread. I’ve got plenty of beans and bullets so to speak but what was nagging at me was come post-SHTF what non-food non-weapon items would I’d be wishing I had bought or bought more of.

For many the answer to the question would be getting out of Dodge. For others it might be getting loved ones to get out of Dodge, trying to get the kids to come home for example. I would do that if I thought this was it, the great unraveling has begun, but I haven’t answered my own question yet as to what non-food non weapons items I’d be looking to buy.

As an aside, I sure hope nothing happens during the Pope’s visit as I’ll be heading down to Long Island on the 25th for the weekend. NYC blocks the only exit from Long Island, a fact that I am acutely aware of.