It is nothing short of criminal that the media is not reporting this rather glaring data. All of the photos center on women with little children, same as occurred with the Central American/Mexican surge of “unaccompanied minors” into the US this past year. Do they really think all these young men have abandoned their wives and children? Or that they were living in fear of the violence and had to flee, but their parents and sisters were OK staying behind? I can understand a certain tier of power brokers having an agenda that is playing out here, but how in the world can the average do-gooder that is welcoming these migrants and that is pleading for the Western nations to take in even more migrants be blind to what is happening?

The wave of Central American/Mexican minors – kids, etc – was calculated and engineered.

The Cartels engineered it. How do we know? We monitor their communications – they weren’t even being cagey about it, they were laughing their a$$es off and gloating about it. How they literally massed thousands of children, etc, and literally launched them at us – then sat back eating popcorn watching our Border Patrol and other Officialdom jumping backflips through their own a$$ trying to deal with the crisis…

They know what they’re doing… their actions were and are calculated to sap our will, drain our resources, and then spread what little resources that are left so thin they can act with impunity…

You all really think all these crazy diseases – stuff we have no defense for or stamped out generations ago – are showing up here by accident? The same guys who immolate and behead their own citizens would have no problems picking out kids who are carrying diseases and then sending them against us… just another version of the Mongols launching their plague-riddled dead over the walls of European cities with catapults. Just another strain on our already-overwhelmed infrastructure… not to mention what happens when those diseases shift and evolve in a large population with no defenses….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1