Toby C
Toby C

Most recent UNHCR report. In terms of ‘over burdened operational support’ that has already clearly taken place… Check it out:


“In Greece, the reception infrastructure, services and registration procedures
are falling dramatically short of needs. At all main entry points, there is a
lack of adequate reception conditions resulting in serious hygiene, health
and protection risks. The limited capacity to respond creates a tense and
dramatic situation.
 The Ministry of the Interior of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is
enhancing its registration system in order to manage this increasingly
challenging situation. The electronic procedure is more efficient and
protection sensitive. The reception conditions have also been improving.
However, with the ever growing number of people arriving from Greece,
these improvements remain insufficient and additional measures are
 The Government of Serbia has worked to improve the reception facilities
and has established three new refugee information and first-aid points at
the green border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on the
way to the One-Stop Centre in Preševo; near Kanjiža at the border with
Hungary; and in the centre of Belgrade, together with UNHCR and partners,
to provide information and assistance to refugees. However, in light of the
increasing number of arrivals, further efforts are needed. ”