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Greetings my friends. Thank you for your kind words everybody. It’s true that the situation here hasn’t really improved, despite what the news say. They are always discussing how to partially lift the capital controls, but so far very little improvement has been felt by the average guy on the street. Georgia Saint made a very important point in the previous point, as well as pointing out the truth that most people live their lives obliviously to what goes on around them, in all five aspects he mentioned. I also believe that the spiritual is a pivot around which the other four (physical, social, political and moral) revolve. Take that away and most of the rest become meaningless. Even a blind effort to survive is countered by “what for?” How a sense of the spiritual impacts on moral goes without saying, as can be witnessed in belief systems all around the world. Moral choices impact on all forms of social interactions, including politics, which of course, affects the physical in a most direct way (laws, policies, wars, regulations etc). So what’s been going wrong in Greece? ALL of the above. I don’t just mean, “despirited” in a casual way; I also mean the true spiritual component which, if missing, turns people more materialistic and not as moral and able to endure hardships as they would be if they were more spiritual. As for the moral, that’s in a mess too, judging on the corrupt State and how politicians for decades lied and participated in more scandals that could even make a film star from erotic movies blush from shame. Politics has been going down the drain for a very, very long time indeed. So most people mobilise themselves in their daily lives caring only for the physical and the social component. But, alas, those get compromised as well. So what do they do? Do they seek the right causes and then, gather their resolve to fix the issues? No, because they are rudder-less and have no proper guidance, having embraced a way of life that nurtures reticence, lack of strong morals, indifference and other poor choices with regards to standards. Of course, not everybody is like this. But the vast majority suffers from such things, and we all suffer from these choices (since our world is shaped by a minority of ruthless and corrupt people, including the majority’s lack of direction and action to oppose the tyrants). Why am I saying all these things?
Because it’s almost election time in Greece (again). Next Sunday, there’s that same show once again. The politicians have been furiously debating, spewing their lies as usual to get votes. Their arguments (however weak) seem to focus on what can be done as opposed to what was promised and were unable to deliver, and also the sentiment of the average man regarding unemployment, the refugee crisis and so on. As always, there’s a visible component in the news (and in people interacting in general) and an unseen component. The visible component is all out in our daily news which tend to focus on the coming elections, the shallow debate before that, and the refugees. The unseen component is out for those who watch closely and discern minor changes in facial expressions and stuff that gets under-reported or distorted by propaganda. So my assessment of these gentlemen is that, once again, they are all lying; that’s probably not big news anyway (which politician is not lying, right?) but I mean lying in that they don’t plan on keeping any promises to the people and also they intend on deceiving their partners and others by promising useless things, like “progress” without tangible proof, so long as they get to rule and the privileges associated with it. They have said almost nothing of the warplanes training over our skies for the last two days (F16 probably part of the NATO exercise) – there was no mention in the news feed on TV or in google news even for Greece, unless one searches by himself on sites reporting military news. They constantly underplay the huge crisis with the refugees, now focusing how the island of Lesvos (Mytilini) is now empty of refugees without at the same time explaining that most Syrians were taken by Germany (almost 12,000 the last week or so, using three ships to log them and then ship them to the mainland) – there’s thousands of them coming in daily (not just Syrians but also people from Pakistan and Afghanistan who are not going to be sent to Germany because they are unwanted by nearly all ; you see, the preference was made due to the fact that most Syrians have plenty of money with them (various reports here in Greece mentioned them having 500 euro bills, smartphones and various expensive items whereas the rest of the refugees are poor and lack resources of any kind); maybe there are other reasons for choosing to accept Syrians above the rest, but you can easily see the problem that due to Dublin II Greece will be forced to accept almost a million of people that cannot be moved elsewhere (unless some laws change) and to feed them when it has serious problems to feed itself. EU says that they send money to cover such costs with regards of the refugee management and food supplies but that’s just a lie since it only accounts for a fraction of the cost. Do they cover full medical and food supplies to them, including accommodation, tickets and a chance to live decently? Or do they condemn them to live in freight containers or ripped tents with their only chance of survival to be integrated to the crime that already is abundant in the city centre? Recently there were images in the news of most of our major city squares (piazzas) truly overflowing with refugees camping there, as they have nowhere to stay. How will this be solved by a bankrupt state and lying politicians striving to get the most votes just to rule for a bit longer before all hell breaks loose? Because, to be honest, that’s what I foresee: all hell breaking loose soon enough, and it won’t be pretty.