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For those not familiar, the story line is a small town setting in a post collapse world and how people cope and adapt in this new non-technology world.

That reminds me of the cut-short TV series, “Jericho.” Even though it got a bit dramatic and even boring at times, both my wife and I enjoyed it for multiple reasons. One thing I especially appreciated was the visual observation of people confronted with sudden loss of power due to an EMP, total breakdown in law enforcement, vigilantism, former friends and colleagues turning on each other, the tribalism that very quickly formed, the almost instant clean-out of store shelves, etc. Sometimes we don’t consider what it really could be like beyond just simply what we’d be without, and what we’d need to provide for ourselves. The societal aspect of it is not considered enough (though that seems to be better considered here at the SHTF School).

Thanks for the recommendation. I tend to read more articles, studies, sites, etc., rather than whole books (particularly fiction), but from time to time make an exception. This might be a worthwhile exception.