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MB: Very good point. What’s normal today would have driven our parents and grandparents crazy. A friend sent me a series of old ads that were hysterical viewed from today’s world:

1. Four out of Five Doctors smoke Camels.

2. Blow smoke in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere. (Cig ad)

3. Toddler holding Coke bottle. All good mom’s get them started early.

Just a small sampling of actual ads in magazines. What will our ads look like to our grandkids??

Roadracer, some of us are those parents and grandparents – and we now live in a world that we don’t recognize. It’s not our grand kids looking back at us that concerns us, it’s looking forward at what they’ll have to face that truly scares us. Some of us remember those ads very well. And some of us remember when Ricky and Lucy, Ozzie and Harriet, and other TV married couples slept in twin beds, and IF they ever had pajamas on (usually with robes over them), they were flannel and went all the way to the floor. Frankly, nobody ever talked about it, let alone mocked it. Pregnant girls disappeared from school for a year, being gay was not celebrated as if it represented a majority in society and was to be “tried out” as an “alternative” by everyone. Almost nobody (still in school) back then knew anyone that used drugs (until the very late 60s and 70s when marijuana became a bit more common). Getting drunk was laughed at, but still considered somewhat abnormal for school-age kids back then. In 1972, George Carlin made big money (and got a lot of laughs) with his “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” routine. The words? Routine today: s___, pi$$, f___, cun_, c___sucker, motherf_____, and **** (fortunately, a very few sites still won’t post at least some of those). Not keeping them as a part of my own vocabulary, and out of respect for anyone else that still appreciates civility, I voluntarily masked them (I don’t know what – if any – limits there are here, and don’t have a need to find out). And back then Don Rickles had everyone laughing uncontrollably with his humor about EVERY religion and ethnic group that he could possibly make up a joke about (he’s Jewish, and that made no difference). Back then we could have fun without being “offended” in order to have an excuse to attack somebody else. An “R” rated movie might have a few 4-letter words in it, and show a woman’s breasts for a few moments, and full frontal nudity was triple-X rated (yes, there really was such a rating back then – if memory is accurate, I think “Deep Throat” was the first one to go public and “earn” it).

Was all that good and healthy? Some, yes. Some, no. But the point is, there are no limits at all on anything anymore – except against those calling for limits. Morals? Based on what? God? The only “protected” God is Allah. The fact that that’s just another name for the (originally) same God as the Judaeo-Christian God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, with common roots in the Old Testament, is unknown to far too many people on the Judaeo-Christian side, and of no importance to too many of those on the Muslim side. We don’t “talk” about differences and seek understanding, thanks to modern TV “news” channels, which are perhaps 5% news, and 95% editorial bickering (not counting at least 1/3 advertising – and it IS all about money). The most highly rated shows on TV involve “news” people and their guests shouting at and over each other, with nothing ever being explored in a reasonable, educational, and respectful manner. That would be too boring – and would not sell advertising.

Frankly, having watched the transition in advertising and what is most highly rated on TV over the years, I can’t even imagine what our kids and grand kids will think of “our” advertising. And honestly, I seriously wonder if they’ll be in a position to where society has continued to the point that they’ll still have the modern conveniences we’ve got, in order to have and watch advertising. A few well-placed EMP devices by Iran or North Korea, a few giant frozen viruses just dug up out of the permafrost that are being “reactivated,” some genetically modified human embryos that are allowed to grow to birth and beyond, and who knows? If we were shocked yet laughed at George Carlin 40 years ago, yet now live the lifestyles laughed about back then, how can we hope to progress? If the ethic of maintaining a superior military that assured we would not be attacked (but not used to run the rest of the world) is now gone, and our top generals have been neutered and replaced by “perfumed princes,” what’s left to defend us from without, even while we’re rotting from within?

Heaven help our kids and grand kids – because we as a society certainly aren’t. If my wife and I hear of an incoming nuke, we’re racing toward ground zero, hoping to get there before it does.