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Yesterday The folks across the way had an end of summer cookout and had me bring over my cider press to use as part of the party. Early on before most of the folks got there one of the daughters said something to me about I can make cider too, and from my own trees? She lives a couple towns over and had never been over to my place, but she knew I had a big garden and had been supplying the neighborhood this summer, and she knew I made bread, and so the cider just added to the list of what I did. I seized the opportunity to hopefully plant a seed by just responding “If the world falls apart it’ll be good to know how to do some things.” When the cider making began, folks were a little apprehensive about trying it, but then kids jumped in asking if they could help and began feeding in the apples and operating the crank. Then the grandmother to several of them starting helping with the bottling, and soon enough various others came over to take a turn feeding apples, operating the crank, doing the actual press, or doing the bottling. A few seemed to be pleasantly surprised at how simple it all was. I got to talk to folks about how to pasteurize it if they want it to last a long time vs just letting it turn to vinegar. Most of the cider went home with people, with reminders that I want the glass jars back. Whenever I learn how to do something new and useful it feels empowering and I think I can learn to do even more. That’s what I’m hoping a few of those folks went away with.