The herd animals always stick together and for that matter die together as well. In some instances its a strategy that works and in others the odds are not in your favor. I’ve been in a similar situation before and declined an invitation to join a primitive living survival group. But I’m more connected to my own lifestyle. Alas the technology today is as dangerous as it is useful. I understand it better than I do living in a tepee. Visiting the third world in ok for a while. I just don’t envision living there permanently.

I know… wall tents are much more comfortable. :)

Was thinking if we have ‘overflow’ here on the Doomstead. A sturdy wall tent made of Sunforger canvas and a smallish cast iron potbelly stove would be a pretty fair semi-permanent setup… especially if you have the extreme cold weather liner for the tent. It wouldn’t be 21st century living… wouldn’t even really be 20th century living… late 19th century? Sure. Potbelly stove, oil lamps, feather pillows, wool blankets and down comforters? That there is right cozy… I wouldn’t mind that at all.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1