The little box she uses to dry the meat reminds me of my stock drying cabinet. About 4 feet tall, two and a half feet wide, 18 inches deep. Has a place to hang stocks at the top and a light fixture at the bottom. Mine has rubber gasket-ting around the door to make it more or less airtight. Speeds up stock finishing by orders of magnitude. I’ve seen other guys make theirs will two fixtures and a small fan to circulate air. I didn’t put a fan in mine.

Usually, it takes 3 days for a coat of finish to dry and cure. The stock cabinet cuts that to one day. With a minimum of 10 coats of finish, each one being cut down and buffed out before the next is applied, it takes about a month to do a proper “best” stock finish. I can cut that to 10 days, which makes turnaround time at least bearable…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1