MB, Road, 74…

Spoke with my best friend the other day. We’ve drifted nearer and father over the years, but we’re still best friends – been that way since we were both 16…

His biggest worry is that sh*t will go down while he’s away. He works for an energy company and is gone 2 weeks out of every 4. I told him his family had a place reserved here on the Doomstead, no questions asked.

But, to show the mindset of folks – and no disparaging my best friend intended – but the following took place between me and him:

“Do you have a rifle of military usefulness?”
“No, but I’ve got a couple shotguns.”
“You should really invest in a rifle of military usefulness.”
“What can that do that my shotguns won’t?”

My best friend was Air Force. He wasn’t a dirt monkey or a dogface. Still, his comment took me aback.

My reply:

“Shotguns have their place, but a rifle of military usefulness has no equal. Shotguns are only good to 50 yards (meters). With slugs, you can double that to 100 yards (meters). But that’s about it. With the 30 calibers, one shot can smash an engine block. Can engage targets over 800 yards (meters) away if you’re good enough to hit. One shot can damn near cut a man in half. My advice is to acquire a rifle of military usefulness, several dozen mags and at least a couple thousand rounds of good ammo.”

You cannot automatically assume someone’s mindset will match your own, their knowledge will match yours, their awareness… I talked about how dire our economic situation was, and he was almost oblivious to it. But he was acutely aware of what will happen when sh*t goes sideways. I told him he should have at least a few weeks of food and water set back, and he said “Where would I put it?”… my answer was “Wherever you can find a space.” If he and his family had to abandon their digs quickly, there’s no way he could bring it all, but that’s a choice you have to make – ditch your stocks for a more secure location, or sit on your food and defend as best you can…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1