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74, I have seized opportunities as appropriate to test the waters so to speak looking to see if the person might be receptive to carrying the conversation further but they rarely do. Usually the issue is power outages where I’ll say something to the effect of it not being a big deal, we have heat (wood stove), water (hand pump on well), and septic hoping it might spark something more than they should buy a generator. If I remind them that home generators are really only designed for short term events, then I know for sure if they are receptive depending upon whether they can conceive of an outage greater than a few hours. They rarely can. The other thing I do when giving away the bounty from my garden or giving folks my homemade bread (bakery quality if I do say so myself) or am canning or otherwise preserving stuff from the garden is how great it feels to be able to fend for myself in this manner, looking to see what kind of reaction I get.

The isolated folks I referred to are at the end of a dead end road on the side of the mountain with no neighbors in sight, wealthy folks retired here from NYC with quite the nice place, views of my little valley and all. The road ends with the driveway to their house (which is fairly close to the road and totally visible) and the gate to an estate of a mega millionaire if not billionaire. Most folks around here probably don’t know their home is there but everyone knows that estate is there, and I can well imagine that estate being targeted post-SHTF on the assumption it is good pickings. Druggies aren’t going to go up that road looking to rob that estate now because even the dumb ones must know that there would be some form of security, but post-SHTF is an entirely different story. If we get to know those folks better I will try to help them along, but I didn’t detect even a hint of awareness last week at dinner.