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Good article. The not going it alone part is why we bought our place in a small hamlet. I did not want to be isolated. Last week some newer folks in town invited us over for dinner. At one point in the conversation we were talking about the drug problem that every community faces, and I commented that though crime rates are very low here, drugs are behind most of it in this area…..convenience store robberies, house breaks etc. They said they don’t worry about that being how isolated their house is. All of you here know what I was thinking, but I didn’t say it being I had already sized them up as nice folks but utterly clueless on SHTF matters. No useful skills that I could discern either.

Personally I don’t know how to just bring up the topic of prepping without somehow becoming the crazy guy, being that is what most folks think of preppers. Instead, what I have done is establish myself as a hard worker, a neighbor/friend who helps where and as I can, and someone with some useful skills. At the same time I have made mental notes of skill sets that various neighbors have.