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i am from Austria.
There are some very good points/posts in this Thread.

I think this is Mass Migration as a Weapon, a Weapon against us.
We see Videos where help is not accepted from them and so on.
Instead some threaten us, most of it is not shown in the media. But we know many helpers, police officers etc. who can tell a lot.

Many of the Refugees need help, they are coming from War. But there are only ~25% of them that “really” need help and this People are coming at most as a Family.
Who is able to pay 10000-15000€ for the Journey to Germany, Austria, Sweden etc. for example from Africa or Afghanistan?
For sure, mostly it is claimed the strongest is sent and then the others follow after . Hmmm…i don’t believe it.
No one of us here at my Neighbourhood, no one(!) would leave his Family back. I’d rather Fight and Die than to leave them alone.

Selco knows this best i think, at the 90’s at Balkan most People didn’t had the Bucks to flee from this Sh.t.
I was at the Border at this Time. The People that arrived from ex-Yugoslavia were mostly in a very bad condition.
Look at the Pictures now, clean clothes , men shaved, not all of them as i wrote.

Many Islamists are between them, i think we have very big Problems soon.
Think about it, when the Government can’t pay them anymore or give them Food etc. what will happen?
I fear also that some of the Islamists make “some dumb” things….and then? (Civil) War? Christians against Muslims?

This whole Situation can not end well in my opinion.

Stay Prepared and Good Luck to all!

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