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Good moves on your part. I bought a lot of seed off the racks at the end of the season, and picked as many heirloom varieties as possible. I let my geen beans go when they were close to being finished and shucked the hulls for seed. I think I ended up with a pound or so. Last weekend I was at a flea market to buy a pitch fork to dig potatoes. A vender was there selling produce and had a whole table of different pepper varieties. After a short discussion with the grower about heirloom varieties, I spent $5.00 on 5 varieties and came home with about a pound of hot peppers. I’ll cut them open for the seed and save them for next year in envelopes.

Cash has been on short supply until just recently so I haven’t been buying anything. But I had a pipe corrode inside a wall and leak causing extensive damage. So I’m doing my own contracting/repairs paying myself from the insurance claim. This has allowed me to purchase some reloading supplies, a new backpack, mess kit, and pistol mag pouches.

I fixed a problem I was having with reloading .233 cases. The head spacing on a lot of rifles is about .020 longer than the specs for finished case dimensions. But not all guns are chambered so loosely, so poorly sized case won’t seat in guns with tighter chambers. With three .223’s one has a tight chamber and won’t run the ammo unless it’s close to new dimensional specifications.

I have RCBS sizing dies in a Hornady progressive press. With the die adjusted at the maximum depth touching the shell plate I couldn’t set the shoulder back that .020. Using a diamond home I lapped the die face cutting off the .020 I needed to meet specs. After resembling the die it now produces cases .001 from specifications and should fit in any gun.

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