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Despite it having been unseasonably and brutally hot the past week or so (mid to upper 80’s every day, even topping 90 on at least one day, and humid), I tended the wood pile. I moved about 4 cords from behind the garage onto my front porch for ease of access for much of the winter, and had 5 more cord delivered so as to bring my wood storage area up to maximum capacity, giving me almost a 3 year supply. I figure why not fill the wood area (a 12′ X 24′ cement pad with roof over it) to capacity now. Should SHTF prior to next spring, I’ll have wood enough for 2 more seasons without taking on the task of cutting/hauling/splitting myself. There will plenty of other stuff to do under those circumstances. It’s a lot of work just stacking it behind the garage and then moving it onto the porch when I buy it cut, split & delivered. I’m going to wait until this heat wave is over before stacking the 5 cords however. The important part is its here. Just one more day and then it’ll come down closer to more normal temps.

The other thing I will be doing soon is putting in a seed order rather than wait until late winter. I’ll get that done within a couple more days I think. I already bought the garden fabric to deal with the weeds between my rows.