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More questions (mostly just rhetorical):

1. Why does there appear to be a massively disproportionate number of young, adult, able-bodied males in all the pictures we see?

2. Why are other nations spilling the blood of their own young, adult, able-bodied males in alleged defense of nations that are exporting their own potential defenders?

3. How are these beleaguered “refugees” able to maintain cell phone accounts, afford the cell phones in the first place, and also pay for the apparently expensive clothing including shoes that many Americans and Europeans can’t afford?

4. Why aren’t the large majority of “refugees” women and small children, asking only for temporary safety until their husbands and fathers back home can re-secure their own homeland?

I’m not liking most of the reasonable answers. I think about the “poor” Tsarnayev brothers, whose parents were able to travel back and forth from their “dangerous” homeland to the U.S., as well as the older brother (known to both US and Russian agencies). Why aren’t these people fighting for their own countries? What’s the real motive behind far too many of them? No, I don’t doubt that there are very legitimate cases where people barely escaped, have nothing but the clothes on their backs, etc. But the pictures seem to tell a very different overall story. Buyer beware….