Fudge, a long and fairly well written response eaten by the tablet.

Nobody likes refugees, even other refugees.
And unlike legal immigrants through normal channels, you don’t know what you are getting.

Much like our yearly visit by the rainbow children, some are pedophilic dope dealing theives, while others are just brain dead hippy wannabes trying to recreate what their grandparents had, and failing.
For their time here, thefts skyrocket, you don’t dare walk down wind for all the patchouli oil and body odor, and the panhandling and freeloading, they wear out their welcome in no time, minutes generally.
And that’s from those who speak the language and know the customs, even if they choose to ignore them. I’d trade them for romani in a heartbeat, at least they don’t excrete where they live.

I wish the European residents luck and god speed, it is going to get very bloody, very quickly.