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This event promises a grim future for everyone involved. On one hand, you can’t blame the people for running from bombs blowing up their city. What would you do? On the other hand, the sheer number and rate at which they are coming no country could absorb. There will be immediate effects and there will be effects that will not be felt for many years. I remember when many of the refugees from Katrina were brought to Houston. I believe it was around 150-200,000. Most had lost everything and all of them just wanted a dry place to be. Can’t say as I blame them. One of the first things we noticed was an uptick in violent crime. It increased 20% almost overnight. Many of the food banks that provided help for the homeless and under privileged in the Houston area were soon tapped out because of all the new mouths to feed. Then came the emergency EBT cards. That turned into a free for all. People were double dipping and getting multiple cards. People were being robbed of there EBT cards. It was crazy. The logistics of the situation were a nightmare. There will be similar results with this event as well. Too many people too fast. The thing that was the worst about all of it was when things dried out in New Orleans and people could start putting their lives back together most of the thugs stayed in Houston. I mean why leave, they were getting free money from the government, many got FEMA trailers to live in and the didn’t have to do anything. Why go back and work hard to rebuild when they could sit on their butts here and live for free, no hard work involved. There will be many in this mass exodus that will never go back home. One of the scariest things to me about all of it is how easily ISIS will just blend in with the stampede of people. As long as they act like a refugee they will be shuttled all over Europe. I am sure they are using this event to their utmost benefit. The long term effects will be that whole areas will change demographics. Communities will change. Most of the refugees are muslims. We have already seen how once muslims move into an area and settle down they start trying to bend the local culture around them. Look at France. We may be witnessing the muslim takeover of the EU. What will happen with the EU’s economy. It is in shambles now. Ad the huge financial burden of caring for these people, the lack of jobs for them and you have the makings of a collapse.